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New litter just born, puppies available!!

We have a new litter just born may 2015. This will probably be our last litter. Some of the most beautiful and high performance Kangal pups in the U.S.  If you are interested in a pup it would be wise to reserve one soon. Pups can be reserved by paying a $400 down payment and signing our buyers contract.  See puppies tab for photos of the new and old litters.

About Us

       Our goal is to  Breed top quality Kangal dogs and match them with quality owners. After years of having strangers stop us mulitple times a day to marvel at our dogs we decided to take the plunge and breed our dogs.  We can truly say that our dogs and the Kangal breed in general more than live up to their reputation. Even though we hear them described every day as "beautiful", "amazing", "even tempered",  and the dozens of other complimentary adjectives I find myself continually surprised at how wonderful these dogs truly are.

The Kangal Dog

The Kangal dog is an ancient breed originating in the Sivas province of Central Turkey . The dog is revered in Turkey as a national treasure and the government has restrictions against Kangals leaving the country.  Owing to these restrictions and the fact that the dog is relatively unknown outside of Turkey the breed is still very rare in the US. The males can be well over 150 lbs and stand 7ft tall. when up-right.  They are the worlds strongest dogs with the bite force higher then a Puma or any dog breed. And yet I would leave a baby in their arms!  

Kangals have been bred to be the consumate livestock guardian for thousands of years (no one really knows for sure exactly how long).  The breed is renowned for its bravery in defending livestock and its affection towards its family.

 If your looking for a livestock guardian or a dog to guard your property and your family you can't get a better dog than this. These dogs have an uncanny guarding instinct. Not the type of yappy dog that barks at everything that moves, or the vicious snarling of a dog that would bite anything that gets close to it, but a much more discerning guardian who senses when a person or predator has bad intentions. Revered in Turkey as a "Wolf Killer" these dogs have the physical attributes to defend against virtually any predator.  Because they instinctually try to intimidate and scare off predators with their thunderous bark and their impressive physique, before escalating to violence they are often used to protect not only the livestock but also the predators themselves as they may be poisoned or shot by livestock owners.They are currently using Kangals to save Chetas in Africa.

The dog is originally believed to be related to an ancient mastiff type breed.  They are very large dogs, from 110-170lbs, but more than that they are scary strong and fast even for their size. Capable of pulling a 5 ton tractor (google it) and running with a speed and agility that will shock you.

These dogs also make wonderful pets, with a few caveats.  These dogs love human contact and are great with children.  They are a very intelligent dog , are very quick to learn but also very independent owing to there thousands of years as a working livestock guardian.  Don't expect these dogs to be really excited about fetching a ball or doing repetitive tasks.  Because they are very independent and also because they are so strong and powerful they are generally most suited to experienced dog owners.  

While not a particularly "hyper" dog these dogs definitely need consistent excercise and some room to roam. These dogs are suited to suburbia but are best in a  country lifestyle. 

If you want to learn more about this wonderful animal there are a number of great resources on the internet (check out our links).  Also see "our dogs" tab for more information about the sire and dam of our litter.



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